My formal introduction –

Miriam Hurdle is an educator, writer, and author. She has published children’s books. She has published poems, short stories, and informational writings on her blogs. Her writings are inspired by her Christian faith that led her through mountains and valleys.  Miriam Hurdle has earned three master’s degrees in Christian Education, Counseling, and Educational Administration. She also earned a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership from La Verne University in California. She is a retired school district administrator.

Dr. Hurdle is married to Lynton Hurdle and has one married daughter. She loves reading, writing, blogging, gardening, traveling, singing, classical music, and watercolor. She is a cancer survivor of melanoma since 2009.

~     ~     ~

The above introduction is too formal, let me be a bit personal –

My husband and I like to travel. We have major and mini vacations for 17 years. I love to take photos. Blogging is a good place for me to share everything I love doing. Hope you will enjoy reading.

Now I would like to expound on certain elements:

I am a Christian. I became a Christian was a teenager when my parents were still Buddhists.  Some of my siblings became Christians years later. We all prayed for our parents, and they became Christians 20 years later. I cried when my dad sent me the pictures of the baptism.

I am a wife to a wonderful, adventuresome husband. He is a helicopter pilot. He likes to ride a dirt bike, motorcycle, mountain bike, and diving. After we got married, he gave up flying the helicopter and riding dirt bike because he didn’t want to worry about the chances. After the last diving trip in North Carolina in 2005, he made his deepest dive, he said, “I got my experience.” Then he pretty much quit. As far as his motorcycle, it is not safe to drive on the freeway and busy street anymore. We paid the insurance but he hardly took it out on the street. He finally sold the motorcycle. Now he rides his mountain bike every week. We live in a city, but many bike trails, walking trails, and horse trial are winding through the city and neighborhood. He also runs and goes to the gym regularly.

I have one daughter. She is married and lives in Portland, Oregon. She is also very adventuresome. Along with her husband Will, they do kayaking, camping, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, hiking, and more. They did backpacking throughout the Europe for three months the summer they graduated in 2007.


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